Covid-19 Policy

PARK IS CURRENTLY OPERATING UNDER COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic lights)ORANGE

Link to Covid-19 Protection Framework “traffic light system” page.

Entry allowed to bookings only. You are allocated a time slot, make sure everybody arrive on time, all at once. The group must leave at the end of the booking.

Please wear a mask on arrival. Office and equipment area is a small space. You will be able to remove it once the safety briefing is finished.

Don’t come if you have any flu-like symptoms. You’re supposed to stay at home and call your Doctor or Healthline.

Maintain good hygiene practice. Wash your hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available, but we advise to bring your own hand sanitizer.

Feel free to bring your own helmet (a regular bike helmet is suitable). We will supply one if needed.

Keep your distance, it’s still worthwhile to keep your distance from people you don’t know while out and about in the park.

Staff will wear face covering when they work less than 1 meter from you (e.g.: fitting harnesses, rescue…). You can remove your mask when climbing, however we advise to keep it handy.


We want to remind you that despite our best efforts, a certain level of exposure to COVID-19 risk will remain.

There may be situations where it’s not practical to maintain physical distancing, for example when the staff checks your safety gear fits properly or when a rescue is needed. Specific control measures are in place in this case, for example wearing a face mask; the staff will explain what to do. Please follow their instructions.

There may be people from other groups visiting the park. Adventure Forest is a vast open space but you will have to be careful to maintain an adequate spacing up in the trees and on the ground.

Some components of the fall protection equipment will be used by several people. Washing hands frequently is primordial.

We all have a part to play, your active participation is essential, thank you!

Updated 14/04/2022