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High thrill, challenge and family fun

Established in 2007 in the Glenbervie Forest, Adventure Forest is a unique set of 12 circuits rigged high up in the trees, totaling more than 1800 meters of obstacles and 30 zip-lines.

In addition to the usual flying foxes and tight rope walks, you’ll discover all sorts of bridges, net traverses, rope swings and more. Be ready to ride a skate-board or a bike up the trees, climb like a pirate and swing Tarzan-style!

The first 4 courses are specifically designed for young children while the remaining 8 circuits allow you to challenge your balance at your level, no matter if you are a tree-hugger or a dare-devil!

On arrival , the staff will provide the safety gear you need and show you the ropes on a practice course. After this safety briefing, you’ll be allowed to progress along the different circuits.

This is not a guided tour; you will not be stuck with the same group for the day! You’re free to live your own adventure with your friends and progress at the rhythm you choose.

Our continuous lifeline system enables each participant to go safely on their own, at their pace, up the trees.

Safety is our top priority. Our staff patrols the park at all times, ready to help anybody who would need assistance.

Your pass is valid for 3 hours (or until closing time). That’s plenty and you can even go on some circuits more than once.

6 or 96 years old, all welcome!

Children from 6 years old can go on all the courses within their reach… we’ll check their size, arms up, on arrival.

Under 16 ‘ participate under their adults’ supervision (parents, grand-parents, family, leaders…). Proper supervision can be achieved from the ground, but you may miss out a great adventure if you don’t climb!

Sometimes, younger kids or people with special needs will require to have an adult to go with them on the higher circuits. However there are two low courses which allow to help from the ground. A very fun way to build up confidence.

Now comes the tough question about the “little brother/sister who’s like a monkey”?

We are very sorry, but we can’t offer high wire activities for kids under 6. If you do want to bring little ones along as spectators, please make sure there will be enough adults to carry out their permanent supervision because it’s going to be super tempting for them, – and really dangerous -, to climb up the courses without safety equipment. And that’s obviously a big no-no.

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